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Since 1993 I visited medieval markets, in the beginning just for fun, but from 2001 on also as a trader. After 20 years this became more and more tiring, because all events where quite similar. Since I travel all of Europe, the idea came up to combine the best of past events and to form a new kind of event. This was in 2012. Additionally this should also be something which deserves the name 1. MEDIEVAL-WORLD-CONVENTION.

So the idea was born to create an international camp and to invite Reenactors worldwide. Back then the center of the world was Jerusalem, and therefore the center of the convention will be 12th century Jerusalem with temple, oriental souk, coupoles, covered alleys and fountains.

2007 I participated in the last viking village in Eu, Normandy. There about 1000 vikings from many different countries where camping around a big oak. Since then, many crave to find another event like this, which untill today could not be found.

So much about the basic idea behind the convention. During discussions with friends, collegues and many interested people, many more ideas came up: f.ex. an archeological congress, a wide course programm, an open battle, a bow's tournament, an exhibition abot 12th century Jerusalem, founding of a new international re-enactment association aso. If you have any idea you want to contribute, please send us an email to, we are looking forward to any idea which could make this event a success.