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Eisenberg is a unique small village at the foot of the 1055 high mountain Isenberch, a offshoot mountain of the Tannheimer mountains in the southern Allgäu whose 2 summits are embattled with castles. Those two named Eisenberg (1315 AD) and Hohenfreyberg (1418 AD). Approximative 4km south of Eisenberg, in 1.268 meters height on the Falkenstein, you can find Germany's highest medieval castle Castrum Pfronten (1280 AD), later on named by the mountain Falkenstein .

Together the 3 castles create a worldwide unique ensemble, the perfect setting for the 1. Medieval-World-Convention at the foot of the Isenberch. To get a glimpse of the area, watch a short drone flight above the two ruins Hohenfreyberg and Eisenberg. Altough the first was built in 14. century it was built in 13. century style, already anachronism back in the days so to say.